Optimise retail mall and shopping centre revenues.

Drive retail leasing performance by automating key retail metrics and leasing activities with a solution designed for retail mall operators.  

Solutions for retail mall owners and operators.  

At Anacle, we specialise in crafting a truly ‘smart’ retail mall management software program to elevate your leasing, property management, and building operations. Our software platform not only frees up valuable time for your teams, but also optimises key metrics to boost revenues by 20% and enhance the customer experience. Empower your team to prioritise and deliver the best retail shopper experience with our innovative solution.


Powerful Marketing & Leasing


Proactive Property Management


Automate Lease and GTO Billing


Customer Engagement and Experience

One platform for retail leasing and shopping centre management. 

Anacle’s retail mall management software solutions consolidate into a unified, end-to-end platform, meticulously crafted to digitise and automate every facet of retail operations.  Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, we deploy a scalable, tech-enabled approach, ensuring an enhanced and streamlined experience for both tenants and shoppers.

Property marketing.

Create branded websites to showcase your projects and listings. SEO optimised to drive traffic and receive prospective enquiries and tenant leads.

Accelerate retail leasing.

Streamline your leasing and approval workflows to capture and convert more prospects to tenants and prospect requirements, book tours, create smart wait lists, and track activity. 

Digitise tenant applications.

Simple online rental applications, progression tracking, signing and payments. Adapt and customise the application journey using portals or mobile apps.

Revenue assurance.

Streamline financial processing and lease management with a leading platform. A full-fledged lease accounting solution for lease, non-lease and GTO billing. 

Handover and inspections.

Simplify tenant inductions with our paperless condition reports, Tenants can digitally review and sign their inspections, and you’ll get notified once they’re sent back to you. Lodge maintenance issues for timely turnarounds, repairs, and maintenance.

Maintenance and repairs.

Coordinate and manage all building maintenance and repairs with minimal disruption. Oversee internal teams and external vendors, scheduled and unscheduled tasks, while efficiently managing staff rosters.

Purchase to Pay.

Manage the full purchase to pay process, vendor accounts and profiles, invoices, credit, and debit notes. End-to-end cash management services with flexible and integrated accounts payable functionalities.

Reporting and  Analytics. 

Deliver a comprehensive view of the entire retail mall or portfolio with key metrics and variances, such as WALE, NOI, footfall, occupancy rates, tenant exposure, valuations, and more via a web-based portal.

Boost retail mall revenues through digital twins and advanced analytics. 

Gain new insights :

  • Intelligent buildings
  • IoT connectivity
  • Real-time analysis

Why the Simplicity platform?

For mall owners and managers, the importance of digital transformation becomes evident through key priorities like portfolio strategy, delivering top-notch tenant service,  and strategic tenant acquisition and mix.

1. Convert more prospects to tenants

2. Minimise vacancies with smart wait lists

3. Proactive maintenance and efficiency

4. Enhance oversight on revenues

5. Data-driven precision for GTO additional rent

6. Add new revenue streams for properties

Retail real estate runs on Simplicity.

units are managed on Simplicity

assets actively managed, tracked and maintained.

buildings are fully maintained and operated using Simplicity.

Platform extensions for a first-class mall and property management experience. 

Deliver a first-class service using the latest technology, with branded extensions and mobile apps for proactive property management and tenant or vendor engagement. Switch on a range of features including community notices, account management, making work requests, and booking amenities.


Tenant Portal.

Store and share important documents and files for the tenant directly in the web app in a secure format. Tenants can always see property information such as their lease, invoices, GTO submissions, floor plans, and much more.


Vendor Portal. 

Centralised hub for seamless collaboration with vendors. Facilitate the sharing of work orders, purchase orders, and uploaded invoices. Real-time access to essential documents. 


Building notices.

Build a community and help tenants connect and communicate with their property managers and neighbours. Community channels bring tenants with common interests together.


FM mobile app. 

Assign jobs efficiently and provide detailed work order information to your engineers. Make recording work progress quick and easy. Track costs of labour, time, and stock used for the job. 


Smart IoT integrations.

IoT-driven smart building solutions, offering seamless connectivity and control over daily mall operations. Easily manage guest authorisations, deliveries, implement mobile keyless entry, and monitor energy consumption.

Additional Platform Extensions


Custom branded apps


GTO Submissions


Secure rent payments


Safety or incidents


Maintenance requests


Authorise vendors


Digital move-in checklists


IoT integrations


Event calendar


Booking system


Private chat servicing


Delivery notifications

Experience Simplicity for innovative enterprises.

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