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Add-Ons & Integration with Simplicity Cloud ERP. 

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Application Programming Interfaces.

Simplicity ERP provides comprehensive and open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to support the smooth two-way transfer of information with third-party systems.

POS – Point of Sale
Maps, GIS & Visuals
BMS – Building Management
 Corporate Finance

OPC client.

Simplicity ERP provides an OPC Client that allows integration with OPC-compliant control and sensory systems such as Supervisory Data Acquisition and Analysis (SCADA) systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), Event Monitoring Systems (EMS), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) as well as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
This allows the software to monitor asset parameters and receive fault alarms in real time. Maintenance routines and condition assessments can be instantly activated by breaches of pre-configured parameter triggers, thus improving response times and minimizing asset downtime.

Published OPC-compliant interface
Data Access, Alarms & Events, XML-Data Access
Retrieve run-times, process parameters, meter readings
Asset conditions, alarms and trends
SCADA systems
Automatically trigger Work Orders

Web Services Toolbox. 

The Web Services Toolbox exposes the business logic and data manipulation functions of Simplicity® as Web Services.  This is to facilitate smooth information exchange with external management information systems, such as plant information systems and financial/ human resource software packages, in an open standard.

Published Web Services interface
Support real-time and batch data exchange
Exchange master data
Exchange transactional & journal data 

Mobile Apps.

Simplicity Mobile Apps project the capabilities of the Simplicity Asset and Maintenance Modules into the field.  Key functionalities are available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Asset tracking (with barcode/ RFID/ NFC scanner)
Work orders, inspections & audits
Scan barcodes/ NFC

3D Model Interface. 

Simplicity provides an interactive 3D visualization platform that allows you to view and interact with 3D models of your plant, facilities and assets.

Lightweight rapid-rendering
Complex 3D models for web and mobile
Link plant assets to 3D models
Quick asset locating
Directly create work orders
Generate visual 3D-based reports

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