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Application Configuration with Simplicity Cloud ERP. 

Simplicity® provides application consultants, system administrators and end-users with a host of easy-to-use configuration tools that enables modification and extension of the application. 

Workflow Designer. 

The Workflow Designer allows you to configure and modify the business processes within Simplicity®. With the Workflow Designer’ graphical interface, you can easily design, visualize and deploy new business process templates. You can also edit existing templates or remove unnecessary templates. The Workflow Designer also helps implementation consultants build domain-specific and/or best practice business processes for Simplicity®. The Workflow Designer is compatible with the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, an integral element of Microsoft .NET 4.7 Framework.1

Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation;
Design code-independent business processes
Graphical user interface
equential and state machine workflows

Form Designer.

The Forms Designer allows you to design new and modify existing web forms based on existing Simplicity® objects. You can select from a list of ready Simplicity® Presentation Layer controls, attached workflows and business rules to the web form, and decide the access control matrix related to your new form.

Data Migration Toolbox.

The Data Migration Toolbox provides easy-to-use functionalities to facilitate data import into Simplicity®. Data is first entered into a Microsoft Excel® template provided by the system. The Data Migration Toolbox will then perform validation checks on the Excel® spreadsheet before importing the data directly into the application database. This is especially useful in situations where you need to move large volumes of data into the Simplicity® database, e.g. during the setup of the system for a new facility.

✓ Input-and-upload
✓ Import, update and delete data;
Direct mapping of source fields
✓ Validate migrated data for format errors.

Language Pack Editor.

The Language Pack Editor allows customizations of label texts and other alert messages in your preferred language within Simplicity®. Users can use the Language Pack Editor to translate text and .NET string resources like error messages and label text to the corresponding language of their choice.

Side-by-side label and text translation;
Flags missing translations.

Report Writer.

The Report Writer allows organizations to easily develop and customize Spreadsheet Reports™ and Dashboard charts for their Simplicity® installation. Although data is primarily drawn from the Simplicity® database, the Report Writer can also access all other ODBC-compliant relational databases. Users have a choice of producing reports in the Spreadsheet Report™ format, or in any of the hundreds of graphical chart formats (for presentation in the dashboard). The Spreadsheet Report™ allows drag-and-drop, slice-and-dice analysis of data along multiple dimensions, as well as exporting of data to Microsoft Excel® or Adobe PDF® formats.

Spreadsheet Reports
Integrate with BI / OLAP analysis software 
Schedule automated delivery 

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