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Decision Support with Simplicity Cloud ERP. 

Powerful and flexible reporting capabilities to create a data-driven culture for your enterprise.


Generate standard and customised reports in the dynamic Spreadsheet Report format or Reports Definition Language (RDL) and Crystal Reports. Run on-demand or schedule for distribution via email or shared location. Drag-and-drop, slice-and-dice analysis of data along multiple dimensions, and exporting data to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF.  Visually represent using various chart types, side-by-side with the spreadsheet report. Users can modify or add new reports using the Report Writer add-on (for Spreadsheet Reports) or by uploading RDL or Crystal Reports RPT templates. 

 Greater enterprise data visibility
Drag & drop build and edit
Starter pack & KPIs
Replicate legacy reports



Self-service enterprise dashboards with interactive charts displaying real-time statistics and metrics from the Simplicity ERP platform. Give the most complete overview of portfolio and asset performance. Stay on top of your KPIs by engaging your team and get the best insight into your business by importing and visualizing real-time data from your multiple systems across departments and modules.


Everything starts with a visual pinboard — the core Simplicity ERP platform. Tailor it your way and manage anything from your favourite assets to revenue accounts. Pick and mix your commonly used chart tiles, reports, shortcuts and notes. Providing an intuitive and graphical birds’-eye view of the organisation’s performance against established Key Performance Indicators in real-time.

Stacking Plans.

Automate stacking plans to display building floors and zones with all tenants and available space to lease or sell, and the square footage occupied, lease expiration, occupancy/vacancy rate, and more. Simplify the leasing of spaces and expiration tracking in commercial buildings.


Manage widely distributed assets using integrated geospatial information. Every asset within the Simplicity database, whether hierarchical or networked, can be linked to ArcGIS elements (such as station series).

Link distributed assets
Easier asset locating
Workflows from the GIS client
Generate visual map-based reports
Heat maps to measure correlations

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