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Property Management Software for all commercial and corporate real estate.

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Real Estate Management with Simplicity Cloud ERP. 

Providing end-to-end automation for your rental, finance and property management operations. Scalable to thousands of properties covering office, retail, industrial, logistics, self-storage and residential assets.


Manage any property, asset or rental space.

Create and manage records for all types of commercial or corporate property, assets, spaces and contracts. No matter size, physical or financial structure of your portfolio – our platform provides full comprehensive features for all asset types.

• Multi-asset & multi-industry
• Scaled to thousands of units
• Track ownership & interest


Manage all types of contracts.  

Create and manage all types of contracts and lease records related to your real estate portfolio, including lease-in, lease-out, tenant, asset and supplier contracts

  • Assign contracts to spaces, tenants or assets
  • Capture all key terms. clauses and data
  • Compliant with lease accounting standards


Flexible property structures & rental spaces. 

Create and configure hierarchical property structures and store an exhaustive range of details, definitions, and spatial information for your commercial properties. Define leasable products and their unique commercial characteristics, such as Net Leasable Area (NLA) and rental rate limits.

  • Land, building, floors, zones
  • Space types
  • Unit splits & merges


360-degree view of your portfolio.

Get anywhere access and insights for any location at any level. Securely capture and share detailed information about all aspects of your property assets.

  • Access critical property info
  • Monitor portfolio risk & opportunities
  • Real-time portfolio insights


Workflows for industry best practices. 

Simplicity ERP integrates all aspects of the business with a centralised database and by integrating cross-departmental processes. Workflows enforce best practices through the business processes embedded in the software – so you can track all real estate processes from leasing, accounting, maintenance and more.


  • Integrated suite of modules
  • Configurable workflows
  • Industry best practices 


Visual Real Estate Management. 

Represent and visualise your real estate and spaces visually in 2D/3D without leaving Simplicity. Providing the basis for new business process design approaches within Simplicity and improved “User Experience” across all Real Estate Management functions and transactions. 

  • Gemini Digital Twin
  • 2D/3D stacks & floor plans
  • Link to maps, GIS, CAD, BIM

Core capabilities of the module.

Master Property Record Management

Store all portfolio, property, rental space and tenancy-related data & docs.  Manage property details such as type and categorization, floor area, ownership, purchase and acquisition costs, building specifications, land-related information, policies, and development information;

Property physical structure & rental spaces

Register the property’s physical structure and constituent Units or Rental Spaces. Record property area summary and measurements.

Visualise your buildings & spaces

Visualize your space inventory with interactive 3D floor plans and 2D stack plans;

Portfolio Management & Reporting

Monitor portfolio’s exposure across geographies, sectors, and asset classes. Gain valuable insights. Make accurate strategic decisions. Produce accurate and timely reports.

Property Ownership Management

Manage property owners, percentage splits and track income & expenditure for each owner.

Acquisition & Disposals

Manage all real estate transactions, costs and budgets. Adapt workflows and controls when purchasing land, Property or a Lease /title. Lodge milestone dates, purchase price and other costs, and associated documents.

Valuation & Inspections

Log and date property & unit valuations and appraisals using different valuation methodologies. Track and measure against rental space ERV.

Major Works & Construction

Create and manage projects and associated budgets. Manage projects, tasks, third parties, costs and budgets. record the individual stages involved during the lifecycle of a Project.

Manage space & unit splits or merges

Manage unit merging, splitting and area re-survey processes;

Property Tax

Track banding, rates, appeals and outcomes. Assign Tax Accounts by groups and property

Property Insurance details

Record details of Insurance Policies on a Property. The Premium and Charge.

Property Conditions & Inspections

Register inspections, reports and defects. Integrated modules & workflows for your property and link to integrated Maintenance modules to track elements and assets, repairs and planned maintenance.

Module Integration
  •  Energy & Utility Management
  • Facilities & Maintenance Management
  • Asset Register & Jobs
  • Retail Mall Management
  • Property statistics i.e. footfall, utilisation etc
  • Property mortgage, loans & charges

Key features. 

Role Security.

Functional and data access control using 3 key concepts: Role, Position and User. Roles are mapped via Positions. Roles mapped to sets of data constraints.


Enterprise-level ERP designed to run mission-critical processes of an enterprise. Open, compatible, customisable, scalable and secure.

Workflow engine.

Workflow & Rules Engine and Designer providing standard workflows that can be adapted. 


Fully web-based for desktop and mobile devices. N-tiered and RESTful architecture based on Microsoft® .NET

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