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Digital Twin with Simplicity Cloud ERP. 

Make and deploy enterprise applications and immersive experiences with our complete software solution. Explore scenarios virtually on a digital representation of a building and incorporate contextualised analytics that supports and trigger user workflows.

Visualise your buildings. 

Easily and quickly import, prepare, and optimize your large CAD, mesh and point cloud models for real-time 3D interactive visualisation. Represent the full building and its elements for a completed visual understanding.  Providing a true-to-life virtual creation of the physical world by incorporating either modelled or real-time data from IoT sensors and devices.

 Unity game engine
2D/3D real-world models
 Dynamically map data overlays
Predict performance outcomes

Contextualised insights. 

Bridge the physical and virtual world and collect real-time and historical data from assets, behaviour, and operations. Connect data from every layer of the technology stack from IoT sensors, buildings management systems, enterprise asset management  to ERP financials. Feeding the digital twin historical and real-time data requires a core Simplicity data platform that collects, stores, displays, analyses, and
reports on operational and asset health information.

 Perform analytics and transactions
Contextual and dynamic for your user
Charts, tables, metrics – sitting side by side
 Synchronized with the core application


Visual asset performance

Enable users to virtually inspect the health and risk status of an operating building and assets in real-time. This approach breaks down silos and democratizes data access, enabling situational awareness throughout the enterprise from the field technicians to management.

 Search and locate elements
 Monitor health and performance
 Diagnostic remote inspection

Prescriptive insights. 

As the enterprise begins to understand how its buildings and assets have performed in the past, implementing data analytics can provide insight into how assets are operating in the present. Identifying trends towards potential asset failures, high energy consumption, increasing vacancy or low footfall and turnover sales. It is essential to assess risks associated and prescribe the correct maintenance or asset strategies to drive the best outcome. Digital Twin solutions can include predictive and prescriptive analytics to achieve an entirely new level of value.

Top digital twin use cases. 

Asset Performance.

Achieve operational excellence by managing, operating and optimizing large-scale mixed buildings, facilities, and equipment.

Leasing & Marketing.

Improve engagement and conversion with interactive and immersive experiences.

Energy Performance.

Predict utilisation and temperature fluctuations by emulating, visualizing and simulating real-world assets. 


Upskill your maintenance technicians and improve information retention and safety outcomes with immersive learning experiences.

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