Data-driven leasing workflows with Simplicity.

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Leasing & Marketing with Simplicity Cloud ERP. 

Command centre for all your leasing activities across all types of rental spaces. Delivering everything you need to maximise productivity, nurture relationships and lease quickly.


360-degree view of your rental spaces.

Get a 360-degree insight into all your locations, vacancy, expiries, deals, & tenants. Monitor vacancy and use spatial information in a real-time dashboard.  Go mobile with proactive alerts and monitor leasing activity across the portfolio. Give your leasing team the tools to progress deals and tenant relationships.

Full lease cycle management
Activity insights, metrics & KPIs
Visualise on 3D/2D stacking & floor-plans 


Property marketing, enquiries and tours. 

Incorporate the latest marketing innovations and develop a modern website that’s fully integrated with Simplicity. Integrate Digital Twins, Stacking Plans, Virtual tours and online booking forms. Speed up the leasing process with online applications that can be sent, completed, and submitted from anywhere, on any device.



Leasing Metrics.

Access single-view dashboards to get the latest actionable insights and monitor performance and risk. Remove data silos so you can export accurate data into Excel for quick analysis and reporting.  

Pipeline activity dashboards
Vacancy & Expiries
Team performance 


Prospect & application management. 

Speed up the leasing process with digital applications from anywhere, on any device. Manage the entire pre-lease process, capture prospect requirements, auto-match, search, book tours, track negotiations and submit offers, digitise lease applications and submit for approval, auto-generate correspondence, and convert into a live lease ready for finance.

More engaging marketing
Lease smarter and faster
CRM to track every interaction 


Offer-to-Lease Administration.

Oversee the administration, tracking, and auditing of lease documents. Powerful workflows for the management of leases and short-term license contracts from lease commencement to expiry.

Convert applications to a live lease
Full digital lease abstraction
Monitor critical dates & events 


Contract clause library & e-Signatures. 

Simplify and streamline existing lease management processes. Make improvements in performance,  efficiency and customer service with our latest innovations, from auto-generation of letters to e-signatures. 

Automate admin with templates
Contract clause library
Send and sign with e-Signatures  


Lease approvals with decision support.

Digitise tenant offers and tenancy applications and route them for approval. Make data-decision lease approvals using financial history and projections, market comparables, internal benchmarks and budgets.

Email approvals
Deal approval dashboards
Adaptable workflows & checklists


Rental price optimisations.  

Maximise net effective rents with intelligent pricing, forecasting and budgeting capabilities. Optimise pricing for all vacant units and upcoming renewals & lease expiries, and reduce vacancies and boost rents. Build task workflows to ensure expert valuation approval.

Data-driven pricing algorithms
Price budgeting & approvals
Adaptable workflows & checklists


Retail GTO clauses.

Flexible and comprehensive pre-defined GTO formulas for easily capturing and setting GTO terms in leases. Create a library of formulas for contract generation and ready for billing.

Complex GTO formulas
GTO clause library
Accounting integration

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