Utility billing and conservation.

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Energy & Sustainability with Simplicity Cloud ERP. 

Manage your utility contracts and generate billing for utility consumption.


Meter data collection.

Regularly collect energy data from meters and sub-meters using various data collection techniques. Ensuring the raw consumption data is ready for utility billing or analysis.  Connect to smart meters and communicators to transfer, process, validate and analyse meter data. 

 Define rules to validate readings
Multi-interval (15min, 30min, monthly)
 MSSL (via EBT Client)
Automated meter reading (DLMS)
 Excel uploads
Set targets & benchmarks


Tenant utility contracts.

Manage the entire lifecycle of utility agreements and consumption billing. Create and define contracts, tariffs, rates and charges and manage the recurring billing cycle. Monitor customer energy usage and spending patterns.

Full contract life-cycle management
Unique contract IDs
Discount plans and tariff structures
Capture deposits
Compute early termination penalties;
Expiry or renewal reminders
Auto-invoice and billing
Validate consumption data
Consumption pattern analysis


Consumption billing. 

Define tariff structures for utilities, discount and promotional plans, and vouchers. Supports multiple tariff structures (standard, discount vs standard, tiered/ slab, Time-of-Use or combination). Design complex discount plans with varying terms and early termination penalties.  Manage system-created or externally imported vouchers that can be applied as a credit to utility bills.

Multi-tariff structures
Complex discount plans
Credit vouchers


Sustainability Analytics.

By collecting and analysing data on a wide range of sustainability-related factors including building energy and resource use, greenhouse gas emissions, operations and supply chain — companies can generate deep insights to guide their sustainability-related initiatives.

 Real-time sustainability analysis
 Pinpoint emission hotspots
Automatic CO2 calculations
Past, present, and future
 Measure precisely

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