Property and Lease Billing Software 

Automate Lease Billing and Financial Operations.

Managing lease billing can be complex and time-consuming. Automate your entire lease lifecycle, and get paid faster with an automated, proactive collection strategy.

Solutions for property and lease accountants.  

At Anacle, we deliver revenue assurance software solutions for the commercial real estate industry. We provide a set of strategies, processes, and technologies aimed at maximising revenue from leasing activities, minimising revenue leakage, and ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial transactions. Our lease and contract billing solutions are designed to help property investors, owners, and managers simplify and automate complex and time-consuming billing, payments, collections, revenue recognition, and reporting so you can focus on unlocking the full potential of your real estate portfolio. 


Lease Billing


Lease Receivables


Revenue Recognition


Reporting & Forecasting

Explore the #1 lease billing and collections platform for commercial real estate. 

Discover the pinnacle of efficiency in lease billing and collections with Anacle. Our revenue stack stands as the preferred choice for commercial property owners and managers seeking seamless lease management solutions. By automating the entire lease lifecycle—from initial offers to billing adjustments and renewals—we empower you to streamline operations and maximise revenue potential. Through cutting-edge technologies and integrations, our scalable, tech-enabled approach ensures an unparalleled experience for both tenants and customers alike.


Leases, licences and contracts.

Efficiently manage lease agreements and contracts, including lease terms, tenant details, and payment schedules, within a centralised system.


Flexible billing scenarios.

Flexible lease and contract billing for every possible scenario. Handle complex billing models for any type of rental lease contract such as GTO, percentage rents, escalations, and variable charges. 


Billing adjustments.

Seamlessly handle lease renewals, modifications, and amendments while ensuring compliance with updated lease terms. Get automated renewal notifications and reminders to keep you ahead of critical dates. 


Invoicing at scale.

Automate and customise invoice generation for thousands of tenants, and charge accurately and on time. Keep track of each invoice’s status, so you can quickly see what’s been paid and what hasn’t.


Tenant payment options.

Smooth the onboarding and regular billing processes by offering public sign-up pages and self-service billing portals. Accept tenant payments in any form with integrations to dozens of payment providers. 


Direct debit integration.

Streamline payment collection with our Direct Debit integrations. Connect directly to your bank for seamless transaction processing, enabling automatic debits from your tenants’ accounts. 


Turnover rent.

Streamline tenant GTO submissions and reconciliation, whether manually or through POS integrations. Effortlessly audit and report on turnover for automatic billing calculations.

Collections and Payments.

Make your billing more flexible by selecting the best payment methods for each asset, customer, and component as needed.



Collect on invoices automatically from Direct Debit or a payment method on file when an invoice is issued.



Allow tenants to remit payment on invoices in the form of credit card, check, or bank draft.


Pre-paid or Incentive

Collect an initial prepayment or provide rent-free periods.


Simplify receipting. 

Streamline the process of recording incoming payments and reconcile your accounts effortlessly to ensure accurate cash balances and enhanced financial control.


Improve revenue recovery.

Recover income through better financial operations, tenant retention strategies and technologies that automate and improve billing and payment processes. Identify and resolve issues that lead to income loss and maximise earning potential.


Bank reconciliation. 

Seamlessly import and match bank transactions to minimise errors. With customisable matching rules and real-time updates, you can effortlessly maintain accurate financial records and ensure compliance. 


Automated AR communication.

Cut down on tasks that consume your team’s valuable time. Set up smart workflows to put your customer communication on auto-pilot. Set the frequency of emails, create tenant segments, decide when to escalate a pending invoice, and set up a follow-up sequence. 


Unified AR view.

Get a unified view of all customer interactions with payment information to help collectors make informed decisions and respond to customer queries quickly. AR teams can now plan, prioritise, and collect revenue faster.

Recover Arrears – Lease, GTO or CAM Charges. 

Prevent revenue loss from late payments and retain customers with our automated dunning capabilities. Recover past due payments efficiently and ensure timely settlements.


Flexible Dunning

Collect on invoices automatically from Direct Debit or a payment method on file when an invoice is issued.


Account Status

Allow tenants to remit payment on invoices in the form of credit card, check, or bank draft.



Schedule reminders at different intervals, such as the number of days past due or the severity of the overdue status.


FASB and IASB compliance.

Apply accounting principles and standards, including straight-line rent calculations, to accurately record and report lease-related revenues (or expenses) in a company’s financial statements.


Reduce the risk.

Provide a provable audit trail and, reduce the risk of costly financial misstatements, and ensure all your transactions–from simple to complex–are accurate and auditable.


AR revenue subledger.

Replaces any manual processes with a true accounting subledger. Run closes, book entries, track balances, and more in a single system that ensures audibility and is aligned with your accounting cycle. This subledger enables transparency, granularity, and reconciliations so you can ensure accuracy and a clear audit trail.


Automated GL postings.

Automatically record and track lease income in real-time with seamless integration between lease management and General Ledger, ensuring accurate financial reporting and streamlined accounting processes.


Financial reports.

Generate comprehensive reports on AR aging, cash flow projections, and tenant payment performance to support financial analysis and decision-making.


Pre-built or custom reports.

Build custom reports quickly or pick from a library of standard reports, and get them delivered to your inbox regularly to ensure you are always on top of your game.  


Interactive Dashboards.

Flexible financial dashboard reporting with access to all your portfolio and asset data. Easily investigate anything you want, even down to the transaction level data. 


Forecast rental income. 

Build forecasts from lease data, and overlay space level assumptions for precise cash-flow projections, empowering informed decisions to optimise revenue.

Why the Simplicity platform?

1. Streamlines repetitive tasks

2. Reduce errors in billing

3. Minimise late payments

4. Maintain compliance

5. Robust reporting

6. Scalability and flexibility

Real estate runs on Simplicity.

units are managed on Simplicity

assets actively managed, tracked and maintained.

buildings are fully maintained and operated using Simplicity.

Revenue intelligence through digital twins and advanced analytics. 

Digital twins of buildings offer valuable insights, enabling businesses to optimise tenant mix and identify revenue opportunities. With scenario planning and predictive modelling capabilities, digital twins empower businesses to make informed decisions to maximise revenue potential.

Platform extensions for a first-class property management experience. 

Deliver a first-class service to your tenants using the latest technology, integrations, and branded extensions for proactive property management.


Tenant portal.

Store and share important documents and files for the tenant directly in the web app in a secure format. Tenants can always see property information such as their lease, invoices, GTO submissions, floor plans, and much more.


Payment gateway.

Simplify collections from customers across the APAC with dozens of payment gateways in a secure manner.


Bank integration.

Integrating with banks allows for automatic reconciliation of incoming payments with corresponding invoices or lease agreements, reducing manual effort and errors in the reconciliation process.


Point of Sale (POS) integration.

Capture sales data directly from your point of sale system to automate GTO submissions and reconciliation.

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