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Lease Administration with Simplicity Cloud ERP. 

Manage the lease administration process from the lease offer through to execution and changes. Prevent data errors and avoid obsolete processes that can inadvertently lead to poor business decisions.


Portfolio & Lease Management.   

Manage all your complex lease management scenarios, as well as contracts and licenses, at every stage of the lease lifecycle. Update and maintain the lease database, interpreting and adding new leases, properties, landlords, tenants, rent, rent reviews and option periods and financial information, along with all relevant lease documentation. Manage risk associated with legal contracts and work with leasing teams, external parties and solicitors to meet objectives.

Intuitive lease wizards
Integrated Lease Accounting
Lease Analytics 


Track lease negotiations. 

Track the entire pre-lease process, and coordinate the execution and registration of leases between the parties in line with compliance and risk obligations. Keep all parties connected with integrated CRM for building strong, professional relationships with external parties, including solicitors, tenants/landlords.

Workflow & Approvals
Manage transactions
CRM to track every interaction 


Prepare lease documentation.

Issuing and receiving letters of offer, disclosure statements, negotiation letters, tenancy selection committee sign-off, confirmation letters to tenants, instructions to solicitors etc. Coordinate the execution and registration of leases between the parties in line with compliance and risk obligations. 

  • Document audit trail 
  • Contract clause library
  • Correspondence letters
  • e-Signatures


Lease accounting. 

Process rental payments, fees and all other financial transactions in a timely manner using the integrated suite of modules. Alternatively, using REST API and secure file transfers, you can integrate with other corporate ERP accounting systems.



Critical dates & events.   

Take a proactive approach to manage your leases, get strategically ahead of critical lease events, and avoid missed opportunities, inaccurate payments, and compliance risks.

Key date alerts and reporting
Lease event workflows
Amendment tracking


Exposure to risk.  

Improve financial visibility and manage risk at the customer or asset level. Gain full visibility of your contracts— including terms, due dates, renewals, obligations and costs—at a moment’s notice.


Lease analytics, reports & audits.

Review the accuracy of Property information: lease terms, options exercise dates, rent reviews, rent-free periods etc. Perform audit duties and produce timely reports to detail all the lease data and manage critical dates, renewals and terminations. Be confident your records are up to date for the integrated modules and team members. 


Lease Abstraction.   

Digitise and quickly access the critical elements of a commercial lease. Instead of reviewing pages of complex legalese in a commercial lease, get a concise, uniform, easy-to-read summary.

Key features. 

Intuitive wizards.

Data validation.

Alerts & Reminders.

ERP Integration.

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